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Product guides|18 March 2022

It has become scarce to make a decision without analysing several online reviews beforehand. Maritime Education is no different.

When exploring the maritime education marketplace that is Seably, you will notice that each course has its rating, based on a 5-star scale, and the option for users to leave a review.

This feature is there for two reasons. Mainly for crew, giving them an indication of how the course is typically perceived and whether it is worth enrolling and completing the course.

The second reason is so that the course provider will understand how their course is being perceived by the end-user, providing them with feedback on how to improve and amend current and future courses.

Leaving a rating and review for a course has never been easier! You can rate a course by using one of two platforms - a web browser or a mobile phone/tablet.

To leave a review from your web browser, you must sign in to your account and find the course you wish to review. Once you have entered the landing page for the course, you will see five stars on the right-hand side.

Rating for Course 'Advanced Concepts in Celestial Navigation'

Under these stars, there is a small piece of text saying ‘Write a review’. By clicking on this piece of text, a pop-up window will appear where you can rate the course and leave an optional comment explaining your reasoning behind your rating.

If you would like to rate a course from your mobile device, you must complete the course to leave a review. Once you complete the course, a page will ask you to leave a rate and review for the said course. Take a look at this short video showing exactly how you can leave a review on your mobile device/tablet.

Filter Courses by rating score

On a final note, if you wish to find courses of a certain calibre (i.e a course with a rating of 3 stars or higher), you can do so by signing in to your account and filtering your search by ‘Rating’.

  • Tim Grech
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