Danish Maritime Legislation for Senior Officers

SIMAC Training 6 hours and 39 minutes

This Course is only intended for senior officers that are joining a Danish Flagged Vessel. Furthermore, it is only possible to attend, if an agreement exists for employment with a Danish Ship Owner, or an Operator of a Danish flagged vessel, as a Certificate of Recognition, only can be applied by the Employer.

During the course, the participants will go through the following elements in Danish Maritime Legislation:
Consolidated Act no. 1662 of 17 December 2018 on seafarers' condition of employment. etc.
Executive Order no. 773 of 7 October 1997 on instruction of seafarers when signing on a ship.
Order no. 1523 of 8 December 2016 on discharge books.
Consolidated Act no. 1629 of 17 December 2018 on safety at sea.
Order no. 2027 of 14 December 2020 on seafarers' hours of rest.
Act no. 457 of 18 May 2011 on safety investigations of marine accidents
Order no. 638 of 14 June 2011 on the reporting of marine accidents, deaths and incidents at sea.
Consolidated Act no. 1505 of 17 December 2018 The Merchant Shipping Act.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 6 hours and 39 minutes
  5. Intended for: This course is intended only for senior officers, that have an employment contract with a Danish Shipowner or are joining a Danish Flagged Ship.
  6. Approved by:DMA
  7. Certificate Validity: 5 years
  8. Reference: Order no 783 12. June 2018 on the recognition of foreign certificates for service on merchant ships and training in Danish maritime legislation (certificates of recognition) issued by the Danish Maritime Authorities.