Marine Environmental Awareness

MQC-TU VARNA 7 hours and 27 minutes

IMO Model Course 1.38 is designed for training of all seafarers and qualified watch keeping officers or engineers. Trainees must be aware of the requirements, methods and means of protecting the sea from pollution from ships, as well as the obligations and responsibilities required under STCW Chapter II, Sec. A-II/1 and Chapter III, Reg. A-III/1, A-III/6.

Course trainees must be operational or management-level maritime personnel in accordance with CONVENTION STCW'78, as amended. The training of applicants shall aim to master the necessary theoretical knowledge and leadership skills for the implementation and documentation of all events and actions, in accordance with the legal framework, in order to protect the environment in operations with waste generated on board and substances harmful to the environment. After you have completed the course, you need to attend the final examination in presence of Bulgarian Maritime Administration and to get your certificate issued by BMA. For this reason you will receive on your email one link to participate in Google classroom. Once you are in Google classroom your theoretical knowledge will be established by a written Quiz containing 30 questions from the thematic program. The time allowed for the Quiz is 45 minutes maximum. A trainee who has given at least 23 correct answers shall be considered to have passed. The Quiz shall be drawn up in three variants to ensure no repetition of questions. To receive instructions and to activate your Quiz please email with the following details:
1. Full name / 2. ID Number / 3.Mobile number / 4. Email address.
Issuing cost of your Certificate is 20 Euro with a processing time of 3 working days.
A trainee who does not pass the Quiz shall be entitled to re-take an examination within one month. If a second test is failed, the student will need to repeat the full course again.

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Maritime Qualification Center at Technical University Varna.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 7 hours and 27 minutes
  5. Intended for: All seafarers engaged on board passenger and merchant vessels.
  6. Approved by:BMA
  7. Reference: IMO Model Course 1.38 and STCW Chapter II, Sec. A-II/1 and Chapter III, Reg. A-III/1, A-III/6 and National Standard of Bulgarian Maritime Administration.