Maritime Cyber Licence - Social Media and your Online Presence - Module 3

CSS Platinum 41 minutes

Due to emerging cyber threats targeting the maritime industry, it is vital that your vessel and your crew are cyber secure. The course covers what cyber security is and promotes good practices to create a positive digital culture in the online space. These tools aim to mitigate and challenge the cyber threats faced by the industry and in personal lives. The Maritime Cyber Licence is the maritime industry's training standard certificate in Cyber awareness training.

This training module provides participants with the knowledge of how to best use social media in a cyber-safe manner. Also, keeping up with social engineering trends and understanding what a data breach is, how to prevent one and the implications of one.

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CSS Platinum

CSS Platinum is dedicated to the superyacht community; we are committed to protecting our clients from crime organisations targeting the maritime industry. Our team has a unique blend of ex-military leaders who have, since leaving service, forged successful careers within corporate enterprises across the globe. A combination of experience and expertise that is unrivalled when protecting our clients and their assets.

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  4. Length: 41 minutes
  5. Intended for: Intended for all seafarers regardless of rank especially those working on superyachts.
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