Mentoring at Sea

Heron Marine Surveyors and Consultants 29 minutes

Mentoring is a skill, that, once learnt, not only greatly enhances progression through the ranks but, if applied and presented correctly, could earn the respect of your fellow crew members aboard.

This course will explain the difference between training and mentoring and how the two are implemented. It also teaches why mentoring is so important at sea and that mentoring can be applied upwards as well as downwards. Finally, it addresses how Mentors should manage this valuable asset and touches on how mentoring at sea could be improved.

Course author

Heron Marine Surveyors and Consultants

Heron Marine Surveyors and Consultants were set up in 2014 at the request of Stena Line to carry out surveys and provide consultancy on operations. It is run by Capt. D Eccles, Master Mariner at P&O for 14 years and Senior Master with Stenna Line for 6 years. In addition to survey work, Capt. Eccles is a ship simulator senior instructor, teaching advanced techniques in handling, bridge management and emergency response. These subjects are taught mainly to Chief Mates and Masters level students as well as external visiting companies conducting training for serving senior officers.

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