N-O-S crew induction and familiarization

Northern Offshore Services 1 hour and 51 minutes

Welcome to Northern Offshore Services!

Before signing on for the first time on one of our ships, you will need to complete this course as part of your familiarisation. This is a generic course that applies to all of our vessels.

The goal of completing this course is to give you more time to familiarise yourself with your specific ship once on-board and to give you more hands-on time on the Bridge/Engines.

The introduction can be downloaded on the Seably application and completed offline if you have no or poor internet connection.

The online induction will look at the N-O-S Safety Management System (SMS) parts that can be done before arriving at the ship and other important information regarding the day to day operation of N-O-S vessels.

The online induction is meant to complement the onboard introduction that will be done on arrival to the ship, where you will get familiarized with the vessel and be shown the different systems in more detail. If any questions arise during the online course, please contact the crewing department.

The different lessons are designed to take about 5 min to complete, including a quiz after each lesson. The quizzes can be done multiple times. You can stop the course and resume later whenever you like.

Good luck!

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Northern Offshore Services

Offshore Wind farms in northern Europe make up the main client base of our company, Northern Offshore Services (NOS). But we operate in all nations that have offshore wind farms. We currently operate 30 modern Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV: s): multipurpose, high-speed catamarans designed for high performance and flexibility. But as owners and operators of crew transfer vessels, we serve a variety of offshore and shipping ventures. NOS carry personnel, equipment, cargo, and take on various special tasks.

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  2. Price: Free
  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 1 hour and 51 minutes
  5. Intended for: All new crew on Northern Offshore Services
  6. Reference: N-O-S Safety Management System (SMS)