Rederi AB Eckerö

Active since May 08, 2019

About Rederi AB Eckerö

Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö was founded on March 2 1961 and is the parent company of the Eckerö Group which consists of five business areas.

The Group provides passenger and car ferry services on the Åland Sea in Eckerö Linjen and the Gulf of Finland in Eckerö Line and handles shipments for the export industry between Finland/Sweden and the continent in Eckerö Shipping (former Birka Cargo).

Eckerö Group has a total of 6 ships in the fleet. The Group also operates bus services in Åland in Williams Buss.
Eckerö Group currently has approximately 1 200 employees and annual turnover is approximately EUR 235 million. The group annually transports about 3,4 million passengers and some 90 000 freight units on their own lines

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