Training Compliance Made Easy

Assignments help you assign courses to your learners and makes sure that they complete their training in time.


Automate Selection of Learners

Segment your learners with automatic filters and assign courses to selected groups of employees – for example, all deck personnel. The assignment will always stay up to date, and future employees matching the filters will automatically get included and get your premade list of courses.

Set Deadlines and Remind Learners with Smart Notifications

Assigning your employees a course is just half the battle; they also need to complete the training. To help you with this, Assignments lets you send automatic reminders and deadlines as email, text message, or push notifications. 

Stay on top of Progress and Completions

Finally, you as an administrator will get great reporting back – so you can stay on top of the learners' progress and make sure that they complete their training in time. You get an overview of how many learners have completed the assignment, how many hours they spent, and what's still left to complete.