Incident Description

Crew Mooring Injury

In this lesson, you will learn about loss of control during a shifting manoeuvre.

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Step 1 of 25 minutes video

Incident Description

This incident is based on authentic experiences onboard a vessel. Unfortunately, accidents similar to the one you are about to see do happen. Make sure to be careful, and always think twice since a daily routine can involve several risks. This video will describe an incident when a vessel was just about to move 100m astern. The crew had agreed on a plan and were to follow it. In this clip, we will go through the steps that were involved in the plan.

Unfortunately, something went wrong, and a person got severely hurt. Even though there was a plan on how to perform the procedure, the crew lost control of the situation. When a rope, like the one in the video, snaps it happens with a great force. This is dangerous and could, in the worst case, cause death if anyone is standing too near. Be aware of that and make sure not to take any unnecessary risks.