Engine Room Resource Management

Fairwater Education 45 minutes
  1. Situational Awareness

    Situational Awareness

    This section is all about situational awareness, how to improve it and the other factors that affect it.

  2. Personal Resource Management

    Personal Resource Management

    Personal management is extremely important when dealing with other crew and maintaining good leadership, this section explores these subjects and more in greater detail.

  3. Emergencies and Drills

    Emergencies and Drills

    How do we deal with drills and what effect can that have on an individual? how do drills help prevent accidents and what does leadership mean in an emergency?

  4. Perception and Error Chains

    Perception and Error Chains

    This brief section is all about accident circumstances and error chains.

  5. Assessment


    In this lesson, you will go through a final assessment to check the level of knowledge that you have gained from this course.