The Maritime Industry Against Harassment

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The Maritime Industry Against Harassment

This course is one of the measures in an action plan agreed by the Swedish maritime industry when the extent of harassment on board began to be discovered. It started after some students at a maritime university college contacted the local press about how they were sexually harassed aboard ships where they performed their internship. 

A policy and action plan regarding harassment was written and signed by representatives of the Swedish Transport Agency, Swedish Maritime Association, Sarf, SUI, Maritime College, Chalmers, Seko Sjöfolk, Sjöbefälsföreningen, and the student organizations.

After you have completed this course, you should remember to act if you see anyone harassing anyone of your colleagues!

The goal is to have everyone in the industry, students, suppliers, personnel working onboard and onshore to attend this training. Just to get a more full acceptance and better understanding. The training will not be the solution to all problems, but hopefully, it's an eye-opener. If it could lead to one harassment prevented it is a success!

Whenever an accident occurs, performing a thorough root cause analysis (RCA) usually reveals how that kind of accident can be avoided in the future. In a strong safety culture, accidents — and more importantly, near-accidents — are reported without fear of embarrassment or negative reactions. Once reported, accidents are analyzed, and improvements are made.

Boundaries could vary from person to person, remember to respect each other and keep a suitable distance.

The course is an initiative with the objective to change behaviors regarding harassment in the shipping trade. The initiative involves stakeholders from all parts of the industry: shipping companies, employers’ organizations, unions, schools, students’ organizations, and authorities. Its purpose is to raise these questions and ensure a positive and safe work environment for all parties involved. 

The course has been produced by Crew Comp AB in collaboration with Seably, Medialaget Väst AB, and Solid Pictures, with financial support from the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation.