Tank Conditions Inspection

Seably 48 minutes
  1. The Need for Inspection

    To maintain a high level of structural integrity, the ship’s crew and shore staff should perform inspections of the hull structure on a regular basis, to assess the hull condition.

  2. Tank Protection Systems

    What are the definitions of coating and cathodic conditions?

  3. Condition Inspection

    Enclosed spaces are normally hidden but are a fundamental component of the ship’s structure. Learn about the general defects that constitute wear and tear.

  4. Maintenance and Repairs

    What are the major considerations when carrying out maintenance in tanks and enclosed spaces?

  5. Reporting Procedures

    Learn about how the safety management system works and how it provides standards for the safe management and operation of ships.

  6. Personal Safety

    Only trained personnel should be assigned the duties of entering or functioning as members of rescue teams in Enclosed spaces. Learn more about the general precautions and personal safety.