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Engine Room Operations

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Dive into this learning path focused on engine room operations. From engine room watchkeeping to resource management and operations procedures, each course equips you with essential knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the engine room. Ideal for marine engineers and engineering personnel seeking to enhance their expertise and proficiency in maintaining and operating shipboard machinery.

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  1. Items: 4 courses
  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 5 hours and 58 minutes
  • 1

    This Engine Room Rounds course shows the learner how to conduct rounds of the engine room in a structured way, and what equipment checks to carry out in the machinery spaces of typical large ships.

    34 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.7

  • 2

    As an engine room team member you have a vital role. You have to combine an understanding of the ship’s machinery with an awareness of company procedure, while all the time maintaining high safety standards.
    In engine room watchkeeping, there is also another factor - teamwork. It is crucial both deck and engineering personnel bear in mind they are part of one team, not just within their own department but with each other. For example, now the majority of main propulsion plants are directly controlled from the bridge, this has brought the deck and engineering departments closer together.

    1 hour and 21 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.0

  • 3

    The goal of this course is to equip marine ship engineers and engine department personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate safely in the engine room; to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries; and to promote a culture of safety in the maritime industry.

    1 hour and 21 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.5

  • 4

    This course is tailored for a wide range of maritime professionals, focusing specifically on the important procedures and workings of a ship’s Engine Room. Designed to provide a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, this course will guide you through the dynamics of engine room operations, ensuring compliance with global standards and regulations, mostly set by IMO.

    Engine Machinery and Systems
    2 hours and 42 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.7
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