About Far Sounder

At FarSounder, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the exploration of the world’s oceans and waterways. We do this by developing innovative products that do more than just help vessels get safely from point A to point B. We make a difference by being environmentally conscious through creating products that reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Since 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to tackling new ideas and developing 3D Forward Looking Sonar technology (3D FLS). Our unique patented technology paints a clear picture of what lies ahead underwater and along the bottom, reducing the likelihood of collisions, which in turn prevents costly damage to property, the environment, and marine and human lives alike. Our navigation systems are globally recognized. The Argos 1000, Argos 500, and Argos 350 are able to provide customers with a whole suite of sophisticated navigation capabilities of interest to many types of vessels. In addition to navigation and obstacle avoidance, our work has expanded into such areas as shipboard and portside security, marine mammal protection, fisheries and ocean sustainability, and real-time mapping. It is because of you and your drive to explore, that we care so much about what we do. Wherever you decide to go, FarSounder will help get you there safely.

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