About Thesi Consulting

THESI CONSULTING provides the best maritime training, with the most excellent quality and best instructors of the Italian scene. They are always willing to share their knowledge, skills and experience, in order to reinforce a new training method. Over the years, Thesi S.r.l. has gained a national, international and worldwide reputation for its outstanding maritime training quality. Our expert teaching staff, together with the innovative instruments and high-quality facilities, gives us the opportunity to offer among the most internationally appreciated maritime training. We offer training programmes for cadets and officers, industrial training, safety and off-shore training courses to the most important international shipping lines. Our centre allows us to improve the expertise and knowledge of Marine Pilots, Mooring men, Shipmasters, Engineers, and Officers through realistic training situations. Our training Centre, Thesi Mola di Bari, provides specific competence and knowledge which are useful for the first experience in a new or already launched career within the maritime field.

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