The team

We Want to Empower Every Seafarer

Since 2020, we’ve been committed to building a new type of learning community for the maritime industry. Where anyone can explore, take, or even teach a course. How is it done? Through a shared revenue model, a set of capable digital tools. And through the hard work done by our team.

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Aashish Puri, Seably Chief Operations Officer
  • Aashish Puri
  • Chief Operational Officer
Abi McGrath, Head of Seably Leisure
  • Abi McGrath
  • Head of Leisure
Akira Lim, Seably Business Development Manager APAC
  • Akira Lim
  • Business Development Manager APAC
Alberto Broggi, Seably Content Developer
  • Alberto Broggi
  • Content Developer
Alessandro Santoni, Seably Content Developer
  • Alessandro Santoni
  • Content Developer
Andrea Lodolo, Seably Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrea Lodolo
  • Chief Executive Officer
Ash Oro, Seably Content Developer
  • Ash Oro
  • Content Developer
Ashraf El Sherbiny, Seably Management Representative for Quality
  • Ashraf El Sherbiny
  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Manager
Cpt. Tim Fenech, Seably Content Developer
  • Cpt. Tim Fenech
  • Content Developer
David Svensson, Seably Chief Technology Officer
  • David Svensson
  • Chief Technology Officer
Dhiraj Mishra, Seably Software Engineer
  • Dhiraj Mishra
  • Software Engineer
Edita Vasiljević, Seably Business Developer
  • Edita Vasiljević
  • Business Developer
Francesco Rizzi - Business Developer Manager
  • Francesco Rizzi
  • Business Developer Manager
Gunars Ritins, Seably Content Design Manager
  • Gunars Ritins
  • Content Design Manager
Jay Lasner, Seably Chief Growth Officer
  • Jay Lasner
  • Chief Growth Officer
Jessica Süßmilch, Seably Content Development Manager
  • Jessica Süßmilch
  • Content Development Manager
Leesa Oro, Seably Content Developer
  • Leesa Oro
  • Content Developer
Manish Rawat, Seably Tech Lead
  • Manish Rawat
  • Tech Lead
Marija Dulj, Seably People and Customer Support
  • Marija Dulj
  • People & Customer Coordinator
Marino Gluhak, Seably Content Developer
  • Marino Gluhak
  • Content Developer
Mariza Papanastasiou, Seably Business Development Manager Europe South
  • Mariza Papanastasiou
  • Business Development Manager Europe South
Matej Pintar - Seably Video Editor
  • Matej Pintar
  • Video Editor
Matteo Scarrone, Seably Video Maker
  • Matteo Scarrone
  • Video Maker
Maurizio Garipoli, Seably Content Developer
  • Maurizio Garipoli
  • Content Developer
Maya Evtimova, Seably Business Development Manager Europe East
  • Maya Evtimova
  • Business Development Manager Europe East
Michael Hjelm, Seably Executive Coordinator
  • Michael Hjelm
  • Executive Coordinator
Nisa Arapi, Seably Designer
  • Nisa Arapi
  • Designer
Olle Paulsson, Seably Product Director
  • Olle Paulsson
  • Product Director
Philip Stapleton Povey - Content Developer
  • Philip Stapleton-Povey
  • Content Developer
Pilot John Gatti, Seably Marketplace Director
  • Pilot John Gatti
  • Director of Marketplace
Rikke Haugen Olsen, Seably Chief Commercial Officer
  • Rikke Haugen Olsen
  • Chief Commerical Officer
Sina Ranjbar, Seably App Developer
  • Sina Ranjbar
  • App Developer
Steve Kamau, Seably App Developer
  • Steve Kamau
  • App Developer
Sue Terpilowski, Seably Head of Marketing
  • Sue Terpilowski
  • Head of Marketing
Tim Grech, Seably Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Tim Grech
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
Tomas Lindberg, Seably Chief Strategy Officer
  • Tomas Lindberg
  • Chief Strategy Officer