Introduction to Satellite Systems & Internet Options on Board

My Boat Electronics 1 hour and 33 minutes

This course is an introduction to satellite-based communication systems. The course covers satellite systems, including coverage, speed, price, and usage. It also introduces the possibility of having an internet connection on board while at sea.

Satellite communication:
Today, there is a lot of communication via satellite. In this course, you learn about the satellite systems used at sea. One of these systems includes Iridium, which offers telephony and data communication.

The Iridium system has been approved as an emergency system for commercial transport. But it is also interesting for sailors who travel beyond local waters.

Another option is the SAT-Phone which, unlike Iridium, gets coverage from geostationary satellites. In this course, we present different phone options for the two systems.

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My Boat Electronics

My Boat Electronics is run by Lars Doktor Kristensen in collaboration with his family. We have emerged as an extension to many years of electronics servicing on many hundreds of different boats and boat types. Moreover, Lars has held numerous of local lectures on that same topic via the company Prokyon. Now is the desire to reach out to boaters with more knowledge about how care should be taken when changing the power system. One mistake can have major consequences and endanger boat owners themselves and other people on board, which not many realize. will primarily be a platform for online education in electricity and electronics on board the boats.

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