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Öckerö Maritime Center has cut the classroom training of their Basic Safety Refresh course in half using Seably and blended learning.

Seably for Educational Providers

With Seably, training is easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. Shorten your classroom training and combine digital learning with physical activities.


Joint Flag-State Approval

In joint co-operation with our domestic partners, we can offer flag-state approved STCW-courses online. We do this with the help of video-monitoring, machine learning, and flag-state integrations. Seably is recognized as the platform provider – our partners are recognized as content providers.

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Shorten Classroom Training

With Seably for Educational Providers, our Educational Partners can publish courses on Seably Marketplace and earn monthly royalties. It’s possible to build; STCW e-learning courses, shorten the classroom training of STCW course with physical activities, and offer blended learning. With Seably, it’s also possible to offer customers; their own customer-tailored training and recreational courses.


Marketing Built-in

We’ll help you build your presence within the Seably community: You get a dedicated landing page with links to your own channels, and we continuously recommend content to the seafarers. We also boost your content in social channels and events outside of Seably, and together, we reach new customers, both domestic and abroad.


Earn Revenue

Educational Providers on Seably earn revenue through monthly royalty payments. Each month a part of the Seably for Business revenue goes to a Royalty Pool for course developers. Seably then reward you based on the number of seafarers that complete your courses.

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The Learning Platform

Train better with Seably for Educational Providers. Easily create content in a web browser. There’s no app to download, no learning curve. Give your organization the power to share what they know in Seably.


Create Lessons

Create lessons by stacking modular media, text, and interactive blocks. Customize each block with your content and in any order you want.

Add Quizes to Build Interactivity

To verify achieved knowledge, add quizzes to your course. Seably makes it easy to find out what learners know.

See What You've Built

Preview individual lessons or your entire course before publishing. See how it'll looks to learners on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Organize Your Learners

In Seably, you can edit learner data in detail or bulk edit many users at once. Search and filter your learners based on activity, and track course progress. Export all certificates at once or remind a group of users of their upcoming training.

Manage Bookings and Get Reports

Organize learners into booking groups, and enroll them in courses in just minutes.

Build courses that shorten your classroom training and add learners to booking groups replicating the physical training dates. And since booking groups lets you set deadlines and automatically notify the learners, they know what they should do, and you’ll always know who is complete and who lags behind.

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Intrested in becoming an educational partner? Request access and join the beta testing program.

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