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With Teach on Seably it’s easy to build an immersive learning experience. We’ll support you on the way. Publish the course to the Seably Marketplace and earn money every time a seafarer completes your training.

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Start your account for free and try our intuitive course builder. Add lessons and steps with video, images, and audio. Use drag-and-drop, crop images, and rearrange the course until you are happy. Add quizzes to build interactivity. It's straightforward, and all done in your browser.

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When creating your content on Seably, our Content Design Team is always here for you to help you through your course creation. Chat with us or use our Help Center, a resource center to help you through the course creation process.

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It's time to publish your training to the Seably Marketplace. We review all courses to determine that it's categorized as maritime training, follows our guidelines, and is free from copyright infringed material. We'll help you to build your presence on the platform and expand your reach to seafarers all around the world.


You Earn Revenue

Content partners earn revenue through monthly royalty payments. Each month, 30–80% of our Seably for Business revenue goes to a Royalty Pool for teachers. Seably then rewards you based on the number of seafarers that complete your courses.

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How to Design Better Online Learning – Using Web 2.0 Principles

In this guide, we will talk about how web 2.0 principles can be the difference between a flat, one-sided learning experience and an engaging learning product.

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Common Questions

Anyone can teach on Seably and it's free of charge.

Seably is a maritime marketplace for content providers to present training courses to thousands of seafarers and pass on their knowledge and skills. Anyone can be a content provider, and this ranges from one single individual to a well-established training center. The courses can range from simple explanations of processes and equipment right up to full STCW approved and certificated modules.

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Content partners earn revenue through monthly royalty payments and by driving new audiences to the Seably Marketplace using our affiliate program. Read about earnings here

Pretty much all topics that are relevant to seafarers and sailors. Seably is an online learning community built for the maritime industry. There’s a lot of room for unique and specific courses – the most important thing is that it adds value to maritime professionals, sailors, or amateur boat enthusiasts.

Content partners using Teach on Seably are all unique and ranges from single individuals to well-established training centres and subcontractors. The courses can range from simple explanations of processes and equipment right up to full STCW approved and certificated modules.

But some topics are off-limits on Seably. For more guidance, please see our Help Center. Also see this video tutorial on how to set Learning Outcomes and Objectives.

Yes, Teach on Seably is completely free of charge. And when you create content on Seably, our Content Design Team is to help you through the process of onboarding and course creation, read more about content design here