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Maritime Operations

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Explore crucial maritime operations with this comprehensive learning path. From pilot boarding to mooring, entry into enclosed spaces, port state control, and man overboard procedures, each course provides in-depth insights and practical techniques essential for safe and efficient maritime operations. Perfect for maritime professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in critical operational procedures.

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  1. Items: 5 courses
  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 6 hours and 10 minutes
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    Pilots come onboard ships to assist the Master navigate a ship in the most efficient and safe manner in the specific area and ensure safe arrivals and departures from ports. Pilot boarding is hence considered a crucial operation. Various factors affect this operation deeming whether it will be successful or result in a casualty or disaster. International rules and regulations have stipulated the requirements for pilot boarding arrangements in order to ensure successful pilotage operations and reduce the risk to life.

    Deck Operations
    50 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.6

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    The mooring and unmooring of vessels is an integral part of life onboard. Mooring is one of the first operations you do when the ship leaves or arrives at a port. It is also one of the most complex and dangerous activities onboard and can have serious consequences if things go wrong. Mooring, towing, and anchoring can put a lot of strain on lines and equipment because of the high forces involved. The importance of proper knowledge and understanding of such operations by the crew will avoid accidents and casualties.

    Deck Operations
    1 hour and 6 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.5

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    Enclosed Space Entry is one of the leading causes of casualties within the Shipping Industry. This keeps happening due to poor training and poor knowledge or disregard of the Procedures that should be followed. Every crew member should be knowledgeable, able and willing to carry out an Enclosed Space Entry in a safe manner. Various documentations onboard assist the crew to follow the correct procedures and ensure that all steps are covered, and nothing is missed prior to entry.

    This course strives to explain the risks, procedures and contingencies related to enclosed space entry.

    Deck Operations
    2 hours and 44 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.6

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    Port State Control (PSC) is an inspection of a foreign ship in national ports carried out to verify that the condition of the specific ship and its equipment comply with the various requirements of international regulations. Additionally, it ensures that a ship is manned and operated in compliance with all these instruments and guarantees that maritime safety, security and environment are protected.

    48 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.4

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    Man Overboard is one of the various emergencies that can occur onboard ships, and like every other emergency, a man overboard requires immediate and precise intervention. To ensure that action is taken without delay in such an event, every crew member onboard is trained in man overboard procedures and drilled on their specific duties at regular intervals as required by SOLAS. The correct and timely application of the procedures to be followed will in return increase the probability of a successful recovery and decrease the probability of casualty.

    Emergency Procedures
    39 minutes
    Avg. rating 4.6
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