About 3E Maritime Training Ltd

3E mission is to be an active partner and to support the companies that aspire and want to maintain high performance. Companies often work in difficult environments, where operational performances, risk and safety depend on having suitable people with the right skills; recruiting and hiring the right staff is essential for any company and it’s important that the entire process is effective. Furthermore, the duties and skills required to the seafarers today are at such a high level that is necessary a structured development of the transversal competences involved in the management of people and in the ability to formulate a winning action strategy. It has become essential to be able to evaluate, in addition to technical skills, also skills concerning leadership, communication and problem solving. The know-how and behavioural characteristics of the staff are a strategic element on which companies must aim to improve performance and make their team aware of its value. Organizations that invest time and resources in training have an immediate competitive advantage: highly qualified personnel who work more efficiently and effectively.

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