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New: Admin Users Separated from Employee Users

Product updates|21 March 2022
Admin user interface example

Today we released a small but important update that separates admin users from employee users. The new structure allows more fine-grained control over who should access courses on the marketplace and which users should be focused strictly on management tasks. 

The main change from the previous setup is that you can now invite any user as an admin, they do not have to be an employee user at the same time. This means that you invite admin users using their email, just like you do with employees. One important thing to note is that users added as both employees and admins will keep their administrative privileges in case they’re removed as employees. 

We believe this is a much-needed improvement that gives you better control over which users count towards the license usage.

How to Invite new Admin Users: 

  1. Go to Settings → Admin roles → Invite admin
  2. Invite the user by email and select the desired admin role. 
  3. Done!

Remember: If you want this user also to be able to access the entire marketplace and take courses, you also need to invite them as an employee.