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Five Courses to Help You Win the War Against Corrosion at Sea

News|14 June 2023

An ongoing battle against the elements is all part of life at sea, even when the weather is fair. The impact of the salt and harsh conditions means a gruelling and never-ending schedule of essential ship maintenance to keep the ship propelling swiftly and safely from port to port.

BSO Svendborg can help you win the war against corrosion at sea.

There is no denying corrosion prevention and management can be a thankless task. No sooner have a ship's crew got to the end of the corrosion maintenance schedule when they need to start again.

For the ship owner, the fact that today's ships are maintained and protected against corrosion by the crew during service is a cost and time-saving exercise. But, the state-of-the-art materials and equipment used to do the job properly are worthless if not stored, used and applied properly.

How can BSO Svendborg Help?

If there was ever a business that you’d do well to get on board with their knowledge and the kind of attention to detail that any military general would be proud of, it’s BSO Svendborg. A Danish company with a mission to help the maritime industry win the never-ending war against rust. They offer consultancy services to assist and educate seafarers and organisations on how to manage the long-lasting maintenance and rust protection of vessels whilst they are in service.

The knowledge to do this comes from the kind of hands-on experience that you can only get from spending many years at sea, witnessing the complications that arise from a job not being done properly in the first place.

To support their consultancy services, BSO Svendborg provides advice on materials and equipment along with hands-on instructions and educational content. In order to make their teaching more accessible to seafarers whilst at sea and out of wifi, they have put some of their vast knowledge into 5 courses, available to anyone on the Seably platform.

BSO Svendborg'c courses provide advice on materials and equipment along with hands on instructions and educational content.

This kind of practical advice is a game-changer for those on board, especially Officers and Ratings participating in corrosion maintenance or the crew handling the equipment themselves. The courses are really accessible, easy to digest and full of handy hints and strategies supported with videos and images to get the job done properly the first time!  Resulting in savings of not only time, but cost.

Which Courses do BSO Svendborg Have Available on Seably?

  • Corrosion Maintenance On Board. A simple introductory course that teaches all the steps necessary for long-lasting corrosion protection. From proper surface preparation with a  clean, rough surface with sufficient primer, to correct painting methods and maintenance. The end goal is to reduce the overall amount of time spent on corrosion maintenance.
  • Paint Locker Storage. A 25-minute practical guide for paint locker organisation, created to save time and money, as well as reduce the dangers of a messy paint locker. Learn how to store and track stock, what tools to have available and what safety procedures to follow.
  • DENJET CE20-500 Pump maintenance guide. A really quick and handy operations guide for any seafarer. As with any Seably course, it can be taken on the Seably app or downloaded onto a smartphone to avoid problems with connectivity at sea. Comes with safety advice, daily checks and videos to help with troubleshooting and repairs and/or maintenance.
  • Operation and maintenance guide for Combijet JE60-500. Using a high-pressure water blaster for corrosion maintenance is without a doubt one of the most efficient ways to deal with corrosion onboard. It removes the salt and with enough pressure gets excellent quality surface preparation for painting, doing the work of 6 people in less time. This brief course enables real-time information on operations, repair and maintenance and includes downloadable PDFs of the user manual.
  • HP Blaster Familiarisation. The HP Blaster is a powerful and effective tool when preparing surfaces for corrosion maintenance but can pose significant risks if not used correctly. This course provides the advanced knowledge necessary to evaluate and assess the work environment to minimise risk and create an effective workflow that gets the job done.

So, there you have it. No more excuses for not keeping your vessel in ‘ship shape’!

If you’d like any more seafaring advice log onto Seably and browse through our catalogue of over 700 courses! Alternatively, if you need any more specific advice about corrosion prevention and management reach out to BSO Svendborg.

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