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New Courses for March 2023

Product updates|08 March 2023

As you well know, our industry evolves at an incredibly fast pace. Thankfully, here at Seably, we are all about keeping you and your seafarers ahead of the learning curve.

We have some exciting new maritime courses on our digital learning platform.

We release new courses all the time and are excited to share with you this month's additions, available to add to your team's libraries now.

Proficiency for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties

Intended for: Seafarers on board Merchant or Passenger vessels with Designated Security Duties.

Understand the threats, regulations and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification of Seafarers 1978 with this STCW-approved MQC-TU Varna course. Discover more information about the course here.

Management and De-Escalation of Individual and Large Crowds

Intended for: Ship security personnel.

This course, created by Safe Waters Maritime is a must for any ship security personnel who may have to deal with upset or unruly passengers. Includes all the skills required to stop disturbances before they arise or calm them if they've begun. Discover more information about the course here.

Handcuffing Procedures

Intended for: Ship security personnel.

We hope handcuffing passengers is a skill you will never have to use! Nonetheless, situations can unexpectedly get out of control and knowing how to quickly and safely apply handcuffs to both compliant and non-compliant individuals is a skill you should definitely have. Discover more information about the course here.

Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations

Intended for: For all seafarers working on board oil and chemical tankers.

This course covers basic knowledge of safety measures, including fire safety, pollution prevention, working methods and obligations according to applicable regulatory requirements V/1-1 and Table A-V/1-1-1 of the STCW.

Energy Efficiency 

Intended for: All officers and shipping managers of merchant vessels and fleets.

Are you fully up to date on the EEXI and CII requirements? If not, you need this course which introduces you to the regulation of energy efficiency on ships, explaining the terms EEXI and CII and the requirements of the legislation that created them. You will step through the compliance process for each aspect and understand the challenges faced in ensuring current and future compliance.

Stowage, Handing and Securing of Steel Plates (Incident Investigation)

Intended for: All seafarers working with steel plates and securing large metal structures.

Unfortunately, in maritime, serious accidents and injuries to crew can happen especially when working with steel plates and securing large metal structures. Learning how to reduce risks to avoid future dangers and assess the outcomes of an incident is essential. This course will provide seafarers with the knowledge needed to guide ship staff in the correct Stowage, Handling and Securing of Steel Plates.

Shoreside Media Training

Intended for: Shoreside staff in the Maritime industry.

We have an exciting new Shoreside Media Training course from MTI Network. It will prepare your office staff to deal with the media during an incident while also gaining an understanding of how to deal with the families of those affected during a crisis.

Do let us know your thoughts on these courses, along with any course suggestions or helpful features you would like to see. We will update you on more new releases next month.

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  • Caroline Brake
  • Trade Internal Marketing