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What's New On Seably: November 2021

Product updates|29 November 2021

A new productive month and more features added to Seably. This month, we have focused on building a new report and analytics interface that's now ready for beta testing, quiz improvements, and better vessel and position data editing. So let's get to it:

Product Update: Edit of Vessel and Position Data

New Edit of Vessel and Position Data

Now it's easier to edit the vessel and position data on your employees. Hoover over the position or vessel column in employees and click on edit. From here, you can create new positions or add new vessels without having to set them up before. Remember that this can also be done from each individual profile card or by using the bulk actions.

Product Update: Limit Number of Quiz Attempts

Limit Number of Attempts

One recurring theme in the feedback we’ve been receiving from content providers has been incentivizing learners to spend more time with the course material before trying out a quiz. After having evaluated different ways of achieving the goal we're now launching one piece of the puzzle, a new quiz setting we call "Limit number of attempts.".

When you enable this preference, learners who take your quiz will get two attempts to pass it, followed by a cooldown period of 20 minutes, where they have to wait until they can try again. If they fail the quiz a third time, the next cooldown period will be 60 minutes for each failed attempt. After a full week without attempts on the quiz the counter resets completely. We believe this implementation strikes a good balance between allowing for simple mistakes when taking a quiz and pushing the user to come well prepared for each individual assessment.

Product Update: Reports and Analytics

Reports: Beta Testing

The majority of the development time this month has been spent on building a new report and analytics interface. Seably's analytics and reports will give you the means to review your account's recent activity, see stats on a course, analyze quiz results, and see which vessel has spent the most time using Seably. 

Help us Beta Test Reports

Reports are still in development, but we are moving into a beta release. If you are interested in testing reports and giving us feedback and suggestions on future functionality. Contact us here, and we will set up reports on your account.

  • Olle Paulsson
  • Product Director