Basics for Sailing: Jib & Genoa

Giornale della Vela 11 minutes

Basic course on sailing; the jib and genoa.
How to adjust, what are the shapes of the sail and what manoeuvres we need to know to optimise its function.

The jib is the headsail that balances the action of the mainsail. The course illustrates the basics of shape, materials and adjustments of halyards, travellers, and sheets for optimal shape. Adjusting the jib correctly allows us to navigate optimally and to less strain the materials with which the sails are built, as well as lighten the load on all the equipment.

Course author

Giornale della Vela

Il Giornale della Vela was born in 1975 from an idea of Mario Oriani, namely to create the first newspaper for sailing and yachting enthusiasts in Italy. Over the years it has established itself as the leading monthly magazine in the sector and has broadened its horizons in related events and services.

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  4. Length: 11 minutes
  5. Intended for: Beginner sailors
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