Burn Injury

UK P&I Club 7 minutes

This incident is based on the experiences of the UK P&I Club. Accidents like the one in this course can and do happen. As you go through this course, ask yourself, "Could this happen on my ship?"

It is vital to learn from accidents to be able to succeed in shipping. For every accident that could be avoided, both you as personnel onboard and your employer will find it advantageously. This course is based on incidents that have occurred. By completing this course and showing that you understand the possible consequences, you might be able to avoid a similar accident in the future!

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UK P&I Club

The UK P&I Club is a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community. Established in 1869 the UK P&I Club insures over 244 million tonnes of owned and chartered shipping through its international offices and claims network. A rated by Standard & Poor’s with free reserves of $540m, the UK P&I Club is renowned for its specialist skills and expertise which ensure ‘best in class’ underwriting, claims handling and loss prevention services. The UK P&I Club is managed by Thomas Miller, an independent and international insurance, professional and investment services provider.

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  2. Price: Free
  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 7 minutes
  5. Intended for: Suitable for personnel that are handling steam or hot substances.
  6. Reference: This incident is based on the experiences of the UK P&I Club.