Hot Works

Seably 1 hour and 11 minutes
  1. Introduction to Hot Works

    Introduction to Hot Works

    Hot works at sea and onboard involves many risks. Accidents associated with hot works tend to be dramatic and can include explosions, fire, personal injuries, and even death.

  2. Hot Work Hazards

    Hot Work Hazards

    What are the most common potential hazards connected with hot work?

  3. Persons Involved and Responsibilities

    Persons Involved and Responsibilities

    In this lesson, we will cover who should be involved and who is responsible when performing hot work on board.

  4. Hot Work Permit

    Hot Work Permit

    The Permit to Work (PTW) helps formalize the safety critical jobs on board, it removes the guessing safety routines and it is proven reduce risks.

  5. Safety Measures

    Safety Measures

    In this lesson, we will go through important safety measures, you need to be aware of.

  6. Hot Work Outside Designated Areas

    Hot Work Outside Designated Areas

    Hot work outside designated areas should be controlled in the Safety Measure System by means of a permit to work system. Read more about why this is important.

  7. Equipment and Tools

    Equipment and Tools

    Learn about important routines and precautions regarding the equipment and tools used for hot work.