Maritime Swedish Vocabulary for Safety and Security

Maritime Swedish Vocabulary for Safety and Security is a course specifically made to give you some fundamental knowledge of maritime phrases and vocabulary to be used onboard. The course is aimed at the crew who need to gain some basic understanding of maritime Swedish.

The focus of this course is for you to gain knowledge of vocabulary and phrases to use when interacting with guests onboard in certain situations, all related to safety and security. A test assesses your knowledge gained through the course at the end consisting of 15 questions. To pass the quizzes and tests, you will need to score at least 70%.

You can find all the vocabulary and phrases in this course in the workbook and some valuable exercises. A digital version can be found in the introduction.

The course is reproduced with permission from Stena Line Scandinavia.

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The Swedish Shipowners’ Association

The Swedish Shipowners’ Association was founded in 1906 as an industry and employers’ association. Since 2001, all employment issues have been handled by the Shipowners’ Employers’ Association, SARF. Consequently, the Swedish Shipowners’ Association is strictly an industry association representing around 60 Swedish shipping companies operating worldwide. The Swedish shipping industry is important in keeping Swedish industry competitive. The mission of the association is to increase knowledge of the Swedish shipping industry and promote issues nationally as well as internationally. Our member shipping companies are at the forefront of environmental and safety issues representing an attractive future field of business sector.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 46 minutes
  5. Intended for: Non-Swedish seafarers sailing on Swedish flagged vessels.
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