Weather and Manoeuvring

STANDBYENGINE 1 hour and 14 minutes

A good captain must be able to handle his ship, using his knowledge base from previous experiences on his vessel and the different weather conditions he has sailed in throughout his career. There will always be variables that he will need to consider, evaluate and then adapt to suit the current situation to ensure a successful outcome. The weather can be adverse, but we can use it for the best manoeuvring result. Knowing the foundational basics is the best starting point.

The information in this course will include gaining a more excellent knowledge of the weather and its phenomena, particularly the wind and its influence on the sea. Currents and tides are of great importance. We will improve your understanding. We also provide three practical examples of manoeuvres in particular conditions.

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Manoeuvring is an art; this art form is the missing link between theory and practice. Awareness of this, 'made' - Standbyengine. We want to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding manoeuvring and give crew who aspire to greatness the opportunity to achieve a high level of accomplishment through our courses. Our videos, articles, publications and direct contact are the mediums we utilise for those who wish to draw from their own experiences & knowledge to practice then what they know, all supported by the necessary theory that we can provide. Our courses contain examples of manoeuvres performed and tricks of the trade. Follow us to explore and learn the art of ship handling.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 1 hour and 14 minutes
  5. Intended for: Captains, pilots, officers and students.
  6. Reference: - WMO (World Meteorological Organization) - The Italian Hydrographic Institute - ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World (NP136) - ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilots) - ADMIRALTY Tide Tables