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Introducing Assignments – Compliance Made Easy

Product updates|13 September 2021

Spend less time worrying about compliance. With Assignments, your employees get notified about the training they need and get reminders to help them keep going.

Product Update: Introducing Assignments

One of the most common comments we hear is how hard it is to stay on top of training needs for a full crew. We have taken this feedback to heart and worked hard to create a tool that ensures the right people gain access to the right training, and that they finish their training on time.

We call the result – Assignments. From a birds-eye view Assignments allow administrators to create smart groups of participants and assign them courses. Set deadlines and edit notification settings to make sure your whole crew stays compliant.

See our full video tutorial on: How assignments works

Smart Selection of Employees

Smart Selection of Employees

We have created multiple crew selection options to suit your specific situation. If you need to make sure onboarding and induction reaches your whole crew, use a company-wide assignment. Conversely, if you have a small group of employees to train you can choose the manual selection option.

The most powerful crew selection method is using our automatic filters. This allows you to filter out specific groups of people by using their vessels and position in combination with other metadata. The automatic filters always stay up to date, meaning that new or transferred employees automatically get included in your existing assignments.

Remind Your Employees and Stay On Top of Their Training with Assignment Deadline

Remind Your Employees and Stay On Top of Their Training

Assigning your employees a course is just half the battle; they also need to complete the training. To help out with this, Assignments give you multiple options for sending reminders and setting deadlines.

Deadlines can be set as a specific date for all users, a great option for groups of personnel all sharing the cast off date. Alternatively, you can specify the deadline as a period of days, weeks, or months which becomes an individual deadline for each user calculated from the day they received the assignment.

To make sure the deadlines are honored Seably will send out automatic notifications on three different channels; email, push notification, and SMS messages. The notifications increase in frequency as the deadline approaches and stops as soon as the user has completed all assigned training.

Go Beyond Compliance by Using Integrations

Go Beyond Compliance by Using Integrations

When using Assignments together with an HR-system integration, the setup becomes even more powerful. All employees get automatically invited to Seably and Assignments makes sure they receive the right training package from the get-go. After each completed course the training records are synced back to you without any manual work whatsoever, it’s almost like magic!

We're very proud of the work our team has done with Assignments, and we are eager to hear your feedback, if you have any questions, please get in touch at we're looking forward to hearing from you.

  • David Svensson
  • Chief Technology Officer