Basics for a Sailing Cruise

Giornale della Vela
44 minutes
Avg. rating 4.7

Basics for a Sailing Cruise

Giornale della Vela
44 minutes
Avg. rating 4.7

If you have never been sailing or have little experience, you need a lot of useful information before you get on board. This course explains how to crew a boat, what a boat looks like and how classic sailing manoeuvres take place in port and under sail.

We will also cover what to ask the skipper, how to equip yourself, what to bring on board, how to manage the galley, what a cruising sailboat looks like, what the basic elements of the boat are called, how sails work, how to make basic moorings and what anchoring means.

This course provides the basics you need to know before sailing for the first time or with little experience to cover just those doubts and concerns typical of those new to sailing. The final quiz lets you check that you have learnt the essential concepts. Important: Safety aspects are not covered in this course.

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Giornale della Vela

Il Giornale della Vela was born in 1975 from an idea of Mario Oriani, namely to create the first newspaper for sailing and yachting enthusiasts in Italy. Ove...

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