Croatia - South Adriatic - Rogač Sailing Routes

This course provides predetermined sailing routes with various touristic options for the participants.

The participants will learn about two different sailing route types in the South Adriatic region of Croatia. The route suggestions will help the newcomers to this part of the Adriatic, plan their next sailing experience based on their preference. The course is divided into Culture and Nature sailing routes with an engaging description of places you will want to see and experience or show your clients. The routes are based around the island of Šolta - Rogač base as a starting point.

Course author

Sailing Europe - Charter

Our mission is to create and arrange top-quality customized sailing holiday packages on the Adriatic. Sailing Europe's headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia with offices in Munich, Germany and Moscow, Russia. The founders spent part of their lives in Germany and UK and at one point decided to unite their business experience and Western standards together with young, brilliant and ambitious people in Croatia. For us, our business is a combination of pleasure and hard work, the combination which always gets best results. Enjoying our business as we do, we know almost every single corner of the Adriatic. We know people who own some of the best family restaurants which serve amazing homemade dishes. We also know people who own vineyards and produce their wine in small family cellars. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction and safety of our clients. Ecology and clean environment is the second most important thing. Sail with SailingEurope Charter - embark on an amazing adventure and create unforgettable memories. Welcome on board!

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 57 minutes
  5. Intended for: Sailors Visiting the Croatian Coast
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