Galvanic Current and Corrosion

My Boat Electronics 1 hour and 27 minutes

This course covers the electrochemical series and why corrosion occurs. Also, how to actively prevent galvanic corrosion and what to be aware of in terms of galvanic currents.

In this course, you will learn how current is created between different metals in accordance with the electrochemical voltage range. Using that as background you will get an understanding of why some metals corrode and disappear while others aren’t affected.

High-quality zink anodes are of great importance and they must be positioned in the right places. You will learn about anodes and why it is called a sacrificial anode or corrosion zinc. Thus, you will learn how to prevent galvanic corrosion and what general preventive actions to take.

You will learn why a bad ground connection from the shore can start corrosion and why the neighbouring boat might be the cause of problems on your boat.

After this course, you will know what causes corrosion, where it is most likely to occur and how to prevent it.

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My Boat Electronics

My Boat Electronics is run by Lars Doktor Kristensen in collaboration with his family. We have emerged as an extension to many years of electronics servicing on many hundreds of different boats and boat types. Moreover, Lars has held numerous of local lectures on that same topic via the company Prokyon. Now is the desire to reach out to boaters with more knowledge about how care should be taken when changing the power system. One mistake can have major consequences and endanger boat owners themselves and other people on board, which not many realize. will primarily be a platform for online education in electricity and electronics on board the boats.

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