Introduction to RAVEN INS - Integrated Navigation System

Avg. rating 4.8

Introduction to RAVEN INS - Integrated Navigation System

Avg. rating 4.8

This course gives an introduction to IMO requirements for an INS (Integrated Navigation System), and specifically the RAVEN INS by Norwegian Electric Systems.

This course focuses on the benefits of an INS has with regards to redundancy, harmonisation, and data sharing compared to standalone navigational equipment; thus supporting bridge resource management (BRM) and optimising the safety of navigation. After this course, you will have an overall understanding of IMO requirements for an INS (Integrated Navigation System) and the operational structure of the RAVEN INS.

Note it does not replace the requirements to perform IMO required type-specific training which is done by completing the RAVEN INS familiarisation checklist and returned to Norwegian Electric Systems.

Topics in this Course

Human Resource Information Technology Navigation

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Norwegian Electric Systems

Norwegian Electric System AS is a total supplier off sustainable Energy Design and Smart Control for a wide range of vessels for the global marine market. We are a committed partner for safe shipping, lower emissions and added value for our customers . Our focus is to be a collaborator and a system supplier, designing optimal propulsion systems for vessels and control systems to ensure safety by smart and easy operation. Our expertise: - Energy Design, our knowledge about vessel operations and competence of integrating the latest available energy sources gives us the opportunity to design optimal propulsion systems for your vessel. We design efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, creating added value for our customers. - Smart Control, new requirements and demand for more efficient and safe operations, calls for smarter vessels. Our flexible software platforms and new solutions for navigation, automation and control – ensures safety by smart and easy operation.

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  1. Rating:
    Avg. rating 4.8
  2. Price: Free
  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 39 minutes
  5. Intended for: Navigators and other with interest for Integrated Navigation Systems and RAVEN INS specific.
  6. Reference: Based upon, but not replacing IMO Model course 1.32 Operational use of INS/IBS.
  7. Last Updated: August 09, 2023

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