Introduction to the ISM Code for Yachts

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This course is intended to provide basic knowledge of the International Safety Management Code, the ISM code. The purpose of the ISM Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management, safe operation of ships and pollution prevention. The ISM Code is one of the most fundamental regulations within international shipping and knowledge about the rules is therefore of utmost importance so that you are aware of the requirements and expectations.

The Code's origins go back to the late 1980s when there was mounting concern about poor management standards in shipping. The Code establishes safety-management objectives and requires a safety management system (SMS) to be established onboard. The ISM code states that safety management objectives of the company should; Provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment, assess all identified risks to its vessels, personnel, and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards. Continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard yachts, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.

According to IMO, every company is expected: "to designate a person or persons ashore having direct access to the highest level of management" to provide a link between the company and those onboard. This means that the safety officer onboard plays a vital role in fulfilling these requirements.

In this course, you will learn more about the ISM code the expectations that come with it. You are also going to learn more about its background and why it is formed the way it is today.
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