Navigating the US Healthcare System as a Foreigner

MHG Insurance 12 minutes

Navigating the US healthcare system is difficult enough as a citizen, so you can imagine how it may be for a foreigner. Whether it is the terminology, procedures, or the overall complexity of the system, using your crew medical insurance in the US can be daunting.

This short course will cover commonly used language, proper procedures, and real-world examples to ensure a positive experience while using your crew medical insurance coverage in the US.

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MHG Insurance

MHG Insurance introduced crew benefits to the marine industry in 1991, and we have been providing insurance advice and solutions ever since. Our hard work and determination have advanced the quality of life for marine crew and their families, while also offering valuable attraction and retention incentives to marine employers. Our expertise in this specialized area is regularly utilized as a resource by clients, helping them interpret and stay current on regulations and legislation affecting the marine industry, especially in crew employment matters. While we are very proud of this, we believe that what sets us apart is the excellence of service provided to each client from inquiry stage, through the claims process and beyond. Our close relationship with the world’s leading insurance markets, combined with an outstanding service team, has positioned MHG as the marine industry’s authority on crew insurance.

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  5. Intended for: Non-US seafarers seeking medical treatment in the US.
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