Operations in Polar Waters - Navigation and Passage Planning

Marine Insight 54 minutes

This course gives additional training for operations in polar waters, underpinning the knowledge gained during STCW polar courses.
In this course, deck officers will be given guidance and advice on navigation and passage planning in polar waters. This course is not meant to be conducted instead of an approved STCW course, but as an additional training course for onboard learning.

Upon completion of this course, the candidate will have an understanding of navigation and passage planning in polar waters.

Learning Outcomes:
• Identify and explain the challenges and hazards of navigation in polar waters.
• Identify and explain the services available to ships to assist with navigation in polar waters.
• Identify the requirements of passage planning and navigation with respect to polar water.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 54 minutes
  5. Intended for: This course is intended for deck officers expecting to navigate in polar waters and wanting to refresh knowledge gained on the Polar Code courses.
  6. Reference: IMO Resolution A.1024(26), IMO Resolution A.893(21) and The Polar Code.