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How Seably Helped BSO Svendborg in the Battle Against Rust that Never Sleeps!

News|22 March 2023

BSO Svendborg is a Danish company with a mission to help the maritime industry win the never-ending war against rust!

BSO Svendborg currently have five courses on the Seably platform.

They offer consultancy services to assist and educate seafarers and organisations in the long-lasting maintenance and rust protection of vessels whilst they are in service.

This includes corrosion support and management with long-term planning for ship operations, project management and even the provision of riding teams, hired to travel with the vessel to get essential corrosion maintenance done. All of this comes with concrete practical guides, training and support to make sure the job is done properly the first time! Resulting in savings of not only time but cost.

From the first moment you talk to the team at BSO Svendborg it’s clear that they are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have a wealth of useful and practical information that can only be born from first-hand experience of the discipline and challenges of life at sea.

With 29 years maritime experience, including serving in the merchant navy as well as the Royal Danish Navy, there is no denying that they know what they're talking about and have done their fair share of ‘on the ship’ research.

Bo Sørensen, Founder & CEO of BSO Svendborg, firmly believes that “Good maintenance comes from good knowledge.”

As with many aspects of the maritime industry, training is a vital ingredient for success, even when it comes to corrosion prevention. The BSO Svendborg’s business strategy is reliant on providing not only information and support, but the training to succeed. They created an Academy on their website specifically for this and offer practical PDF handouts with checklists and simple rust prevention instructions and schedules for the crew.

BSO knew that there was more they could do and wanted to be able to offer digital courses to their clients. It was important to them that their courses could be accessed on and offline, and they lacked the technology to reach seafarers to train them at sea when they needed it most.

Seably was an ideal solution with its simple user interface, intuitive course builder and solutions orientated approach.

Seably was an ideal solution with its simple user interface, intuitive course builder and solutions-orientated approach.

When BSO came to us, they already had the course content written for their own academy so it was simply a matter of uploading it to the intuitive Seably Course Builder and working with the team here to upgrade it to meet the quality standards of our DNV ISO 9001/ 14001/45001 and DNV ST-0595 certifications.

We do due diligence on every course on the Seably platform, fact-checking, making sure data is 100% up to date, and checking for potential copyright issues. This was done, along with a few suggestions to improve interactivity with quizzes and adding text to the videos.

BSO were especially pleased with a new function in the course builder that allows downloadable PDFs or documents to be added to the course. For BSO, this means they are able to get course handouts directly onto the phones of seafarers ready to access whenever they need them at sea.

BSO has five courses on the Seably platform at the moment.

  • The most popular is the 29-minute Corrosion Maintenance On Board. A simple introductory course that teaches all the steps from start to finish that are necessary for long-lasting corrosion protection.
  • Paint Locker Storage, as BSO wisely suggests can be a major barrier to any well-functioning workflow and the cause of much time and money wasted if not managed properly!
  • HP Blaster Familiarisation provides all the knowledge necessary to evaluate and assess the work environment to minimise the risk of this powerful piece of kit and create an effective workflow that gets the job done.

Founder & CEO, Bo Sørensen, has been thrilled with the number of seafarers that have taken the courses and has had some excellent feedback.

As with all of our content providers, the aim when creating a course is to share knowledge and there is pride amongst our community to be one of the experts making a difference to the maritime sector. Bo definitely falls into this category but was also pleased with the benefit of our shared economy model, Seably Equilibrium™, which means that every quarter, a portion of our revenue is put into a royalty pool and shared amongst our content creators. After all, it is they that make us great!

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