Art Management: Sustainability At Sea

35 minutes
Avg. rating 4.3

Art Management: Sustainability At Sea

35 minutes
Avg. rating 4.3

This course provides detailed information regarding the relationship between art logistics and sustainability. We will be sharing with you the current status of the sustainability concept. Remembering that superyacht owners are often art collectors and owners of valuable assets, we examine art dealers' concerns. We discuss how art players have responded to this crucial issue and share how it relates to the Superyacht environment.

The Superyacht environment is increasingly concerned with The Blue Ocean concept and aspects of sustainability across its ecosystem. Likewise, the art world must address the same issues.
For all seafarers, at least at a basic level, it is essential to understand what this means and how owners are increasingly looking to meet sustainable criteria.

Both yachts and fine art collectables are passionate luxury assets. As such, they are enjoyed by the world's wealthiest people. They can come under fire and are often scrutinised for their behaviour, so many looks to show that they are aware of and address best practices in their daily lives.

This course addresses different aspects of the art world as it addresses sustainability. This is important for onboard collections and those working for owners who wish to ship their valuables around. Reducing carbon footprint is part of this. So is the move to minimise plastics, including water bottles on the vessel. But to be genuinely sustainable, crew and other seafarers, as indeed the entire industry, should understand the implications of what happens in the art world and when you are shipping pieces on board.

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Art On Superyachts is dedicated to the protection and preservation of fine art in international waters. We aim to help Crew and Captains with the burden of priceless objects under their care. We are a training company and consultancy assisting with onboard art collections. Our founder Pandora Mather-Lees, an Oxford-educated art historian has over 20 years of experience in the commercial art sector. She has worked with galleries, museums, auctions houses, art-related platforms, logistics, education and professional art organisations.

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  1. Rating:
    Avg. rating 4.3
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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 35 minutes
  5. Intended for: All maritime seafarers, all art players.
  6. Reference: Based on ArtOnSuperyachts archives.
  7. Last Updated: October 16, 2023

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