Napkin Folding

Magnums Academy 38 minutes

This Napkin Folding course is a Learning Experience designed to develop your skills and knowledge in delivering and managing top-class services onboard superyachts and understanding table linen and tablecloth-related topics.

In this course, we will learn all about Napkin Folding. We will briefly examine the history of table linen, table cloths and napkins, and a set of videos will follow showing you how to make 12 different Napkin Folds.

Course author

Magnums Academy

Magnums Academy, also known as Magnums Butler Academy, is a globally recognised expert in outstanding luxury hospitality training for professional private and hotel butlers and superyacht steward and stewardesses. Delivering first-class tuition across the world with a team of industry professionals, we are renowned for training butlers to an impeccable standard. Our superior yacht interior programs set the standard in elite yacht crew education and are fully accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions GUEST. Magnums Academy has an impressive client list which includes training butlers for Heads of State. It is run by renowned former professional butler including service to the British Royal Family, celebrated author, trainer and industry guru Principal Josephine Ive.

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  2. Price: Free
  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 38 minutes
  5. Intended for: Interior and Service personnel working onboard ships and superyachts.
  6. Reference: IAMI GUEST