Barca a Vela: Vestirsi in Modo Pratico e Funzionale

SAIDISALE 20 minutes

Troppo spesso sottovalutato, l’abbigliamento corretto in barca può fare una grande differenza, anche d’estate. In questo breve corso impariamo il giusto approccio per non farsi trovare impreparati, assieme a qualche consiglio molto pratico per vivere al meglio questa esperienza.

Il corso base "vestirsi in modo pratico e funzionale", affronta 3 argomenti chiave: la regola dei tre strati, l'importanza delle scarpe ed eventuali ulteriori accessori che possono tornare utili. Aldo Lavezzo, navigatore esperto e autore del blog, con questi tre principi, ci spiega quindi cosa ogni velista o crocerista deve mettere in borsa, per essere pronti a gestire diverse condizioni meteo.

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Saidisale is a blog with practical advice and sea stories to better enjoy your first experience on a boat and find yourself in those "more or less common" places if you know what we are talking about. In an easy, fun way, and by analyzing this lifestyle from every point of view, you will understand how to prepare your bag, live on board, shop and sleep. But also what it means to sail at night, enter and leave a port, be a skipper, or manage seasickness. It was born in 2015 out of the pure passion of the writer, after years of questions and experiences spent sailing from the polar latitudes of Lofoten, the Mediterranean, and up to Seychelles, in a flotilla, for charter companies and private owners. The goal is to describe what it means to experience the sea from the point of view of a boat but also the attitude necessary to better understand life from the point of view of the sea. Therefore, a healthy approach to the "nature of things" is also beneficial for everyday life on land.

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