Becoming Whale Aware

World Cetacean Alliance
1 hour and 35 minutes
Avg. rating 4.6

Becoming Whale Aware

World Cetacean Alliance
1 hour and 35 minutes
Avg. rating 4.6

Ship strikes are one of the greatest known threats to all whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans), and are hampering the recovery of several endangered whale species worldwide. The magnitude of this threat has increased as shipping and tourism have expanded, resulting in greater numbers of ships and therefore a much greater risk of collisions. Scientists and conservation managers have been working to identify and implement appropriate measures to reduce the risks of strikes between ships and whales.

This course is designed to help everybody with the ability to observe whales and dolphins at sea; including skippers, bridge crew, guides and other onboard staff. Completing this course will enable bridge crew to assess the risk of collisions occurring, understand how to plan ahead to reduce that risk, and learn how to spot high risk species and behaviours at sea. Participants can play a vital role in our collective efforts to ensure the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins and their environment, and the safety of vessels, crew and passengers.
At the end of this course, participants will: Understand how to reduce the likelihood of injuring or killing a whale; Understand the importance of being ‘Whale Aware’ for crew and customer safety; Know how to reduce the risk of collisions by planning in advance of sailing; Understand and be able to identify which species and behaviours are more likely to result in disturbance, avoidance and collisions; Prioritise and undertake avoidance measures to ensure collisions are avoided when cetaceans are observed at sea; and Clearly understand how to navigate when whale watching (for zodiac drivers and commercial whale watching operators focused on whale watching tourism).

Topics in this Course

Deck Operations Environment and Sustainability Navigation Risk Management

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  3. Length: 1 hour and 35 minutes
  4. Intended for: All Officers and Crew on any type of vessel.
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