Celestial Navigation - Latitude by Polaris

Avg. rating 4.3

Celestial Navigation - Latitude by Polaris

Avg. rating 4.3

In this course, you will learn to solve latitude by Polaris navigational mathematics problems to a standard expected by U.S. Coast Guard license exams for oceans level licenses of unlimited tonnage.

This course describes the concepts of LHA (local hour angle), and the process of calculating latitude by Polaris in the northern hemisphere using the Nautical Almanac.

Topics in this Course

Deck Operations Navigation Navigation

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Practical Navigator Training

Practical Navigator Training is designed to present useful navigation topics for professional and recreational mariners in a no-nonsense way. The courses are...

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  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 42 minutes
  4. Intended for: Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch, US Coast Guard license exams, Masters, Mates.
  5. Reference: Based on parts of the US Coast Guard Exam Topics for Oceans Licenses.
  6. Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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