Going Further in Celestial Navigation

Avg. rating 4.6

Going Further in Celestial Navigation

Avg. rating 4.6

This course is a free introduction to the key concepts of celestial navigation for mariners. It is divided into three courses, Getting Started in Celestial Navigation, Going Further in Celestial Navigation and Advanced Concepts in Celestial Navigation. It is highly recommended to take these courses in this order.

This course is all about the sun. We're going to do morning and afternoon sun lines by hand in all hemispheres of the ocean the Northern, Southern and the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, and eventually, it's going to culminate with the voyage from Grenada to the Virgin Islands where we calculate our position just based on the sun and running fixes.

Topics in this Course

Deck Operations Navigation Navigation

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Practical Navigator Training

Practical Navigator Training is designed to present useful navigation topics for professional and recreational mariners in a no-nonsense way. The courses are...

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  1. Price: Free
  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 48 minutes
  4. Intended for: Officers and crew forming part of a navigational watch.
  5. Reference: Not based on any reference
  6. Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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