COLREGS - Part A - General

Avg. rating 4.6

COLREGS - Part A - General

Avg. rating 4.6

This course will cover Part A of the Collision Regulations as per the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs) and additionally, it will also cover COLREGS from a USCG (US Coast Guard) perspective.

In this course, you will watch videos where the instructor tackles Part A of the COLREGS Rule 1 to Rule 3. This is designed to present the Rules of the Road information in a practical, no-nonsense way to aid students in studying for their exams.

Topics in this Course

Emergency Procedures Navigation Navigation Risk Management

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Practical Navigator Training

Practical Navigator Training is designed to present useful navigation topics for professional and recreational mariners in a no-nonsense way. The courses are...

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  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 37 minutes
  4. Intended for: All maritime professionals working within the deck department, especially Masters, Officers and Ratings forming part of the navigational watch.
  5. Reference: International Regulations for the Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGS) and USCG Inland Rules.
  6. Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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