How to Clean Teak Decking

Teakdecking Systems 13 minutes

At Teakdecking Systems, we replace many teak decks that are damaged by improper maintenance. Remarkably, many of these decks were destroyed not through neglect, but because they were cleaned too often, too thoroughly, or too aggressively. Proper cleaning prevents damage.

Learn from the experts how to clean teak decks. This short course will take you through the process of cleaning your decks properly.

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Teakdecking Systems is an innovative, employee-owned company that manufactures, installs, and distributes premium decking products for the global marine market. Products are crafted to the highest quality standards, using the best, legally obtained materials. Teakdecking Systems leads and influences the market with strict quality requirements, the highest level of ethics, a commitment to sustainability, passionate employees, and pinnacle service for customer satisfaction. Driven by our passion to create the finest marine decking and innovative products on the market, we strive to enhance every boater’s experience on the water by delivering sustainable luxury and impeccable customer care.

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