Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures

Delfino Engine Dept. 25 minutes

As per International Safety Management Code, safety management objectives should provide for safe practices in ship operations and a safe working environment, together with an assessment of all identified risks. To achieve this goal, the company should establish a safety and environmental protection policy. Operating machinery must be clearly cut-off while maintenance is in progress and precautions should be taken to avoid unintentional power supply or pressurised fluid release.

Shipboard safe operation procedures provided by the company are a basic ISM Code requirement during the Initial Flag State Survey, but personnel should be familiar with them in order to perform technical duties while maintaining high commitment standards on safety matters. From machinery painting and greasing to complete overhaulings, the stored energy hazard has to be managed.

Team leaders have to assess risks and carry out all preventive actions to avoid injuries and breakdowns. Team members involved in a job should be conscious of the relevant risks along with senior officers and officers in charge of an engineering watch to be informed of the work in progress and crewmembers involved.

All engine-room types of machinery are involved in planned and unplanned maintenance and deserve tailored cut-out actions considering the ship's condition and plant configuration. The majority of the equipment is interconnected through a power supply, fuel, cooling water and steam distribution net, hence an improper cut-off procedure might affect more than one system and furthermore, the whole ship by turning into critical situations like fire onboard, explosions, flooding and black-out.

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Delfino Engine Dept.

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  6. Reference: Based on parts of the ISM Code safety practices and regulations.