Generators: Principles, Power Distribution, Safety and Maintenance

Avinash Hegde 32 minutes

In this course we will learn about Generators (Alternators), Power Distribution to users, Synchronization, Safety, and uncommon Maintenance issues. All these are from a practical perspective to help the Engineer deal with situations on board.

The course will give you in-depth knowledge of the Principles of Generators, Synchronization, understanding Wiring Diagrams, the Power triangle, Safety protection devices, uncommon maintenance issues, and an overview of Power Management Systems.

This will help you gain confidence in managing and dealing with problems with these devices, and in improving your knowledge to help you grow professionally.

Course author

Avinash Hegde

With over 42 years in the Maritime field; I have sailed for 28 years, of which 16 years as a Chief Engineer on a wide variety of vessels inlcuding VLCCs, Product tankers, LPG, Bulk and Container. I have 14 years of shore experience as a Technical Superintendent, Training Manager, New Build, Roving Technical Superintendent, Project Manager and as a freelance Maritime Technical content creator and trainer. My focus is to help the Seafarer overcome the practical challenges he faces in applying the technical knowledge acquired. Equip the Seafarer with the relevant knowledge, and he will be the greatest asset to the company.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 32 minutes
  5. Intended for: Engineers both on board and in Ship Management.
  6. Reference: This course is a value added course to help Ship Engineers and the Technical teams in Ship Management.