Maritime English for Yachts

Seably 58 minutes
  1. Minimising Misunderstandings

    Minimising Misunderstandings

    How should we communicate to avoid misunderstandings? It can be done by developing and practising our Maritime English language skills. This first lesson will include daily work and also bring up some common misconceptions.

  2. Basic Words and Phrases

    Basic Words and Phrases

    This lesson will focus on learning important words we use onboard the ship. You need to understand and know how to use many of these words to be able to handle both everyday situations and potential emergencies.

  3. Communicating Using Maritime English

    Communicating Using Maritime English

    The purpose of this lesson is to give examples of how to (and how not to) communicate during the daily work onboard.

  4. Safety Communication

    Safety Communication

    In this lesson, we will focus on ships with passengers onboard. We will provide a general picture of escape routines, general announcements and how to communicate during an emergency.